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The Bank of Lindsay was incorporated on April 9, 1953, by and with the following shareholders: Bernard Hegemann, Frank Schaecher, Chester H. Carlson, Leo Melcher, Mac Andrews, Phillip Weitzel, Theodore Loseke, Arne Buhl, Lawrence Beller, Aloys Otterpohl, Leo Schaecher, J. J. DeLay, Bernard M. DeLay, George H. Moyer, Earl J. Moyer, Ole Gladem, Elden and Leonard Faiman.

These founding fathers felt the need of a financial institution to serve the needs of the community of Lindsay. The DeLays, J. J. and Bernard of Norfolk, and the Moyers, Earl and George of Madison, with their experience in banking were so kind to help obtain the Charter for the Bank of Lindsay and assist in opening the bank.

Ole Gladem from the DeLay National Bank of Norfolk was sent to operate the bank for a few weeks. On May 15, 1953, Phil Weitzel was hired to be in charge of operations.

The Bank of Lindsay assumed the business assets of the Lindsay Cooperative Credit Association which had been operated by John Miick. The deposits at that time were $57,000.00. The bank grew rapidly in the following years. Deposits grew steadily enabling loans to be extended for farmers to purchase land, machinery and livestock. Business establishments were aided financially throughout the years.

In 1972, due to increased business and need for more space, the bank expanded, adding 60 feet to the original building. The interior of the bank was redecorated and modernized with new equipment and the introduction of computerization.

In January of 1979, a One Bank Holding Company was formed by a group of local investors, which purchased control of the Bank of Lindsay.

In the year of 1997 the Bank was expanded and remodeled.

The Bank also owns and operates Lindsay Insurance Agency providing insurance protection in the area for Home, Farm, Auto and Crops.

As was its goal and purpose at its inception, the Bank of Lindsay continues to grow and serve the needs of the community and the surrounding area.

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